Pottery Tutorial

A beginners guide to the art of ceramics

by John Hester

The "Pottery Tutorial" is designed for the beginner as a step by step guide to making ceramics.  This guide is designed to give you the most basic techniques and some tips.  Each Guide has illustrations as well as text to explain each step.  Because of space requirements, glazing techniques are not yet covered in this tutorial; but my suggested list of related sites has some great examples of how to glaze.

Pick from the following choices, or start at the beginning of the tutorial.

  1. Making Pinch Pots
  2. Making Coil Pots
  3. Making Pressed Coil Pots
  4. Making Slab Pots
  5. Throwing on the Wheel - 4 Steps
  6. Making and Attaching Handles

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Last updated August, 2003

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