Pottery Tutorial
Trimming on the Wheel - Step 4

Trimming is a term for shaving clay at the base of a piece.  Trimming works best when the clay is leather hard.  Trimming finishes the shape of the piece as well as finishes the base to the correct thickness'.

(Begin by turning the piece over)
  Turn the piece to be trimming over.  Be careful not to set it down to hard and dent the top.

(Center the piece)
  Spin the wheel and check to see if the piece is centered.  Adjust the piece as necessary to center it.

(Hold piece in the center)
  press clay balls around the top of the piece to hold the piece in the center while you are trimming.

(Draw ring where the foot will be)
  With the wheel spinning, draw two lines where the foot will be left after trimming.

(Begin trimming the bottom)
  Trim the inside of the base and the outside.

(Smooth the trimmed area)
  Use a sponge and your finger to smooth the area that was trimmed.

  If the piece has a handle or something that obstructs your ability to flip the pot over, use a post to elevate the piece from the inside.

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