Pottery Tutorial
Throwing on the Wheel
(Step 3 - Pulling up the Walls)

If centering and opening was done well, pulling the walls up will not be too difficult.  The speed of the wheel should be at a slow the medium-fast speed.  Pulling up the walls usually will take two or three pulls.  Don't try to pull it up in one pull.

(Pulling up the walls)
<--Notice the hand placement.-->   Pull the walls up by squeezing the clay and pulling up - all in one motion.  The speed at which you pull up will be affected by the speed of your wheel.  The faster the wheel is spinning the faster you can pull up.  In the beginning it is better to start slowly then when you feel more comfortable move onto a faster speed.

(The second pull)
  Repeat the pulling until you get the walls to the desired thickness. Usually about 1/4 inch thick.

(Trimming the base)
   Trim the base of the piece with a wood tool that has been cut on a diagonal.

(Cutting the top edge)

   Use a pointed needle to cut away and even the top if necessary.

(Shaping the piece - Narrowing)
     By applying pressure the outside you can narrow the opening of the piece.

(Shaping the piece - Widening)
  Placing your fingers on the inside and gently pressing out will widen your piece.  (Be careful. Remember your piece is spinning and if you pull too far it may fall.)

(Finishing - Cutting the base)
  Use a wire or fish line to cut the bottom before you set this aside to firm up.  When the water evaporate the piece will shrink. The cut will allow the bottom to shrink and keep the bottom from cracking.

After the piece is shaped and cut - let the piece set till it is leather hard.  Then you are ready to go onto step 4.

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