Recommended List of Ceramic Sites

Here are some excellent links to see ceramic and pottery work, resources, suppliers and more.  This list is provided for those interested in ceramic related resources. This list was updated in December of 2003. Go Back These link are grouped into 7 main categories. They are:
  1. Ceramic Artisans
  2. Ceramic Galleries
  3. Ceramic Magazines and Journals
  4. Ceramic Organizations
  5. Ceramic Resources
  6. Exhibitions and Informational Sites
  7. Ceramic Suppliers
  8. Educational Opportunities

Ceramic Artisans

Andavall, Russell- Handmade clay pottery using experimental glazes.
Dremann, C. Carlton- Trademark 'swirly-glaze' technique.
Hodge, Albert Pottery with Ash glazes.
Huggins, Gloria and Randy - (Pine Hollow Pottery) - Unique hand crafted, custom designed, personalized pottery. If you are looking for gifts, home decor or collectable pottery, please come and visit our pottery shop.
Jones, Scott -3-dimensional platters.
Karsta, Maira- Latvian ceramic artist. Site contains photos of her art work, short biography and more.
Kostura, John - An art exhibit including ceramics, clay art and original sketches. Also included are never before seen images of an unearthly nature and free programs.
McVay, JF- Southwestern influenced pottery/sculpture employing both wheel thrown and hand building techniques.
Donnas Hermena Peterson - The original creator of "Donnaware" products, which include the lovely unique "Pie Birds" and other works.
Poulton, Irene - Specializing in unique Raku works. Irene gives her Raku recipes and tips as well as displays a portfolio of ceramic works.
Shrope, Peter - Several types of pottery and some glaze recipes.
Speers, Jim- Handcrafted works in stoneware clay and porcelain, production and 'one off' ceramics.
Ceramic Galleries
 At claynet visitors will find ceramic galleries with exhibits of work from artisans all over the world.  Interested people can also find scholarship information at this site.

Ceramic Magazines and Journals

 Ceramics Monthly
The world's oldest, most comprehensive and largest ceramic art periodical, Ceramics Monthly  is published  monthly, except July and August.  For news, as well as  inspiration, CM is a very good source.
Ceramic Organizations

American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
 Nearly 1,500 papers are published yearly in the Society's periodicals and books.  These publications provide members with accurate and current data on all areas of ceramics. Members are invited to present technical papers at Society meetings and submit them for possible publication.
Ceramic Resources

CHAT Connection
IRC - #Potters
Many potters from the US, Canada and other parts of the world visit regularly and
talk clay. They have potter friends come in from Singapore, Santo Domingo, Australia (and more). You can all gather to compare notes on glazes, let off steam about problems and ask advice about technical or aesthetic concerns with immediate response. For an isolated artist/craftsman this can be an invaluable source of support and recharging. 

Exhibitions/Informational Sites

(Watch for Updates)

Ceramic Suppliers

Aftosa is a wholesale supplier of ceramic and  craft supplies.  They have been serving the ceramics community for sixteen years with unique products. They have built a good reputation for quality service and products.

Thomas Stuart Kick Wheels
Thomas Stuart Kick Wheels and other equipment used for making pottery can be found at this site.  This site provides information about specifications, Options, and Prices of equipment.

Educational Opportunities

Sierra Nevada College - Lake Tahoe

Sierra Nevada College offers a variety of week long summer workshops given by nationally known ceramists:

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